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“Acts Of Kindness” by Leslie Mann

And given algorithms:
He had learnt to love… (jf)

Picture by Leslie Mann, haiku by Jonathan.

“Smaller Shape” by Ruth Coleman

Your imperfections
Are obvious. The shape fits
Your disfunction well. (jf)

“Smaller Shape” by Ruth Coleman

“Somewhere In The Night” by Evamaria Freshmaker

Over there on the left.
Where we were intended thoughts-transforming into vitreous pictures of ourselves – covering each other’s soul for trying to keep them in mind…

“Somewhere In The Night” by Evamaria Freshmaker

“Fairy Tale I” – François Morvillier

Special kids with skills:
Dragon slayer, shape shifter,
The infrared, us. (jf)

“Fairy Tale I” by François Morvillier