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Straw Zombie Compilation – Various Artists

It is amazing what you artists realized here on iSugarMagazin. I would like to share my atelier at day with all of ya and I know we would have a great time with blue chats and red vine all night long. Keep on your amazing work, I am truly moved. Also respect to all visitors and supporters, this is an idealistic project that needs people like you. We define the value of arts. Thank you.

This is what we do:
Colorizing grey days and
Make nightlights shine on. (jf)

Art Of March – Find all on blog!

“Sometimes Alive” – Jonathan Falk

i am not sure
if i exist.
then i work and do not work.
to lower that days
of breathing art.
rich the days
we could order a pizza.

long ago i lost
overview –
poems, music, love,
all were made to hide.
then i dream and not dream.
those moments
to wish a child.
i am offered
unpaid bills
in artful

darkest wish:
to stop
to express