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“Facing Truth“ by Ezequiel Piola

The truth is there is
No truth but to believe it,
Persuasive powers. (jf)

“Facing Truth I“ by Ezequiel Piola
“Facing Truth II“ by Ezequiel Piola
“Facing Truth III“ by Ezequiel Piola

Pictures by Ezequiel, poetry by Jonathan.


“Why-O-Why (Love is the Answer)” by Nikaee

Hold my hands and say:
I didn’t expect a heat to
Melt my desires. (jf)

“Why-O-Why (Love is the Answer)” by Nikaee

Picture by Nikaee, poetry by Jonathan.

“Fast Forward” by Mietzekatze3847

Fast and faster

“Fast Forward I” by Mietzekatze3847

We grow

“Fast Forward II” by Mietzekatze3847

But the roots

“Fast Forward III” by Mietzekatze3847

Close to be rotten.

“Fast Forward IV” by Mietzekatze3847

Earth’s life

“Fast Forward V” by Mietzekatze3847

Needs to return

“Fast Forward VI” by Mietzekatze3847

To our soil. (jf)

Pictures by Mietzekatze3847, poetry by Jonathan.

“Mouse Grey” by Ezequiel Piola

“Mouse Grey” by Ezequiel Piola 1of4
“Mouse Grey” by Ezequiel Piola 2of4
“Mouse Grey” by Ezequiel Piola 3of4
“Mouse Grey” by Ezequiel Piola 4of4

Oily triangles
I throw into an ocean
Of sandy circles. (jf)