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“Blindcat” by Nikaee

Colours for the blind:
Auras, spirits, ghosts, sometimes
Scars, lips and shivers. (jf)

“Blindcat” by Nikaee

Picture by Nikaee. Poetry by Jonathan.


“Mouse Grey” by Evamaria Freshmaker

Your mouse grouse.
Some guys use your muse.
Some guys muse more.
You merge me.

“Mouse Grey” by Evamaria Freshmaker

“Somewhere In The Night” by Evamaria Freshmaker

Over there on the left.
Where we were intended thoughts-transforming into vitreous pictures of ourselves – covering each other’s soul for trying to keep them in mind…

“Somewhere In The Night” by Evamaria Freshmaker

“Stargazer” – Evamaria Freshmaker

Holding your hand to the last breathe, while you are leaving your shadows behind, let me understand. Let me forgive. Let me forget. Let me love, whereas you start to dance with the stars in the moonlight.

“Stargazer” by Evamaria Freshmaker