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“Midnight Maya Part 2” by Nikaee

Truth is a weapon.
All know its power, from here to
Dark side of the moon. (jf)

“Midnight Maya Part 2” by Nikaee

“Would U Save Your Reality?” by Noirin & Lyra

Come closer kiss this oily lips.
Spit your nasty soul in our hands.
And forget the reality.

“Would U Save Your Reality?” by Noirin & Lyra

“Angels’ Cut” by Jonathan Falk

Some people say,
dried leaves can’t be
motionless in the airs.

But whoever saw the waves freezing,
had went through time and space.
Being human means
to be able to understand

The borderless
create borderlands. (jf)

“Angels’ Cut” by Jonathan Falk

“Somewhere In The Night” by Evamaria Freshmaker

Over there on the left.
Where we were intended thoughts-transforming into vitreous pictures of ourselves – covering each other’s soul for trying to keep them in mind…

“Somewhere In The Night” by Evamaria Freshmaker