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“Stick to the Plan” by Andrés Patino

You come from behind.
I break through rusty front door.
Lets catch ourselves. (jf)

“Stick to the Plan” by Andrés Patino

Picture by Andrés, poetry by Jonathan.


“Acts Of Kindness” by Jonathan Falk

Be kind to yourself.
The struggle continues with
Or without your help.

“Scars” by Jonathan Falk

Be kind to your loves.
The days of infection may
Take them all, not love.

“Wooden Meaning” by Jonathan Falk

Be kind to chaos.
Bring structure, be ant, know where
To put your needle.

“One Of Some” by Jonathan Falk

A warm welcome to Isugar Magazine 2018, topic “Acts Of Kindness”. May they appear. May they be ours.