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“One Forward Two Beyond” by Nikaee

Map of a Pirate:
Her last wish: Someone to find:
The burden of time. (jf)

“One Forward Two Beyond I” by Nikaee

The bubble

“One Forward Two Beyond II” by Nikaee

Pictures by Nikaee, poetry by Jonathan.

“The Lost Unicorn I” by François Morvillier

The horse whisperer
Needed a dictionary
To understand this. (jf)

“The Lost Unicorn I” by François Morvillier

Picture by François, poetry by Jonathan.

“Mouse Grey” by Ezequiel Piola

“Mouse Grey” by Ezequiel Piola 1of4
“Mouse Grey” by Ezequiel Piola 2of4
“Mouse Grey” by Ezequiel Piola 3of4
“Mouse Grey” by Ezequiel Piola 4of4

Oily triangles
I throw into an ocean
Of sandy circles. (jf)