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“Candy Festival” by Noirin & Lyra

Careful, it’s a trap.
Too late, doors are opening
Awefully squeaking. (jf)


“Portfolio And Shade” by Ruth Coleman

My job is flooding
Your eyes. The mental tide will
Be forgotten soon. (jf)

“Portfolio And Shade” by Ruth Coleman

“Reversal VI” – François Morvillier

I see pink flesh and
A soul leaving the origin,
The humans unbroken. (jf)

“Reversal VI” by François Morvillier

“Lavender Bloom” – Various Works Of Eugenia Bellodi

With closed eyes I saw
Fishes swimming to the night
Into lunar lights.

“Dreams Of Fishes” by Eugenia Bellodi

Is this my brain that
Messes my sick perception
Or just illusion?

“Fragmented Brain” by Eugenia Bellodi

Fishes may be my
Leaders and in the moon lie
Long lost comradeship.

“The Solitary Moon Is Mine” by Eugenia Bellodi

Pictures by Eugenia Bellodi, poem by Jonathan Falk.