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“Axis of Stations Past and Future” by Jordan Bakare

A gift, the present,
To take with you on journey
Just around yourself. (jf)

“Axis of Stations Past and Future” by Jordan Bakare

Picture by Jordan Bakare, poetry by Jonathan.


“Spider In The Ferns” by François Morvillier

Web of creation,
Labyrinth of memories,
Joy of doing stuff. (jf)

“Spider In The Ferns” by François Morvillier

Picture by François Morvillier, poem by Jonathan.

“Mouse Grey” by Ezequiel Piola

“Mouse Grey” by Ezequiel Piola 1of4
“Mouse Grey” by Ezequiel Piola 2of4
“Mouse Grey” by Ezequiel Piola 3of4
“Mouse Grey” by Ezequiel Piola 4of4

Oily triangles
I throw into an ocean
Of sandy circles. (jf)

“Reversal VI” – François Morvillier

I see pink flesh and
A soul leaving the origin,
The humans unbroken. (jf)

“Reversal VI” by François Morvillier