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“Soft Venus” by Ruth Coleman

Round and round I go
Trying to hold your softness
By hook or by crook. (jf)

“Soft Venus” by Ruth Coleman

Picture by Ruth, poetry by Jonathan.

“Once In A Lifetime” by Mike Hundeshagen

Once in a lifetime
We all will see the light and
Shadows explode, fate… (jf)

“Once In A Lifetime” by Mike Hundeshagen

Picture by Mike, poetry by Jonathan.

“Lavender Bloom” – Various Works Of Eugenia Bellodi

Back then he was king
Leading an empire of hope
In deepest darkness.

“Butterfly In The Darkness” by Eugenia Bellodi

But soon the lights struck
Convincing him to smoothen
Contrasts of beliefs.

“Twister” by Eugenia Bellodi

Understanding the
Gloomy emptyness around
Brought nothing but fears.

“Flowers Of The King” by Eugenia Bellodi

Pictures by Eugenia Bellodi, poem by Jonathan Falk.

“Reversal VI” – François Morvillier

I see pink flesh and
A soul leaving the origin,
The humans unbroken. (jf)

“Reversal VI” by François Morvillier