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“The Butterfly Effect” by Jeni G.

“The Butterfly Effect” by Jeni G.

Picture and poetry by Jeni G.


“Slowly Backwards” by TFCWB

All run fast forward.
One runs slower. Runs slowly
Backwards. Runs away. (jf)

“Slowly Backwards” by TFCWB

Picture by TFCWB, poetry by Jonathan.

“An Instant” by Jordan Bakare

When I was young I measured moments in the space between ceiling fan blades and thought about the moving world. Marveling that no moment was ever the same that though things seemed to repeat everything always changed. I still think of that sometimes while I watch them turn. – MFNT (Jordan Bakare)

“An Instant” by Jordan Bakare

Picture and poetry by Jordan Bakare alias MFNT.