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“Salmon Threads Conception” – Jonathan Falk

To all my ghetto lovers! (Soy calle, Aschenkalle.)

Pain leads to gain, but
Joy leads to life and loan leads
To more addictions.

So legalize it,
Jona advertises it,
Coffee, Milk, Honey.

Pink panthers and grey
Gazelles share not one burning
Bush of art and joy. (jf)

Find the hidden pixel.

“Red” – Jonathan Falk

They are the Red.
They read, they exist, they die happily.
They don’t accept eternity.
They are the Red.

We are the Blue.
We still believe, still leech, still under exploration.
We seek perfection.
We are the Blue.

They migrate and turn away their heads.
We stand and look and laugh silly after them.
One of them dreams of a black coffee,
All drink together the beans of sorrow.

Mandala Red Jonathan Falk

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