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“Watergun Sucker” by Noirin & Lyra

We as a CANDYLAND version

Get drunk of neon lollipops out of a cigarette box and change our minds with a watergun. Take a lick from it, sucker.

Text and picture by Noirin & Lyra.


“Acts Of Kindness” by Light Bodied Art

Next life: Both cats, but
On different planets. Inter-
Galactic meow-meow. (jf)

“Acts Of Kindness” by Light Bodied Art

Picture by Light Bodied Art, haiku by Jonathan.

“Acts Of Kindness” by Jeni G.

“Kindness Matters” by Jeni G.

An open mind
A generous heart
A helping hand
An act of kindness is born.

One act of kindness
Each day for a year
365 lives could be changed.

“Acts Of Kindness” by Jeni G.

Picture and text by Jeni G.