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“Lead Glass” by iKatch

She left a blueprint
On the back of my head, a
Possibility… (jf)

“Lead Glass” by iKatch

Picture by iKatch, poetry by Jonathan.


“Blindcat” by Nikaee

Colours for the blind:
Auras, spirits, ghosts, sometimes
Scars, lips and shivers. (jf)

“Blindcat” by Nikaee

Picture by Nikaee. Poetry by Jonathan.

“Somewhere In The Night” by Evamaria Freshmaker

Over there on the left.
Where we were intended thoughts-transforming into vitreous pictures of ourselves – covering each other’s soul for trying to keep them in mind…

“Somewhere In The Night” by Evamaria Freshmaker

“At The End, Energy Just Converts The Shape” by Evamaria Freshmaker

Mental disorder:
Becoming stronger by your
Will to live longer. (jf)

“At The End, Energy Just Converts The Shape” by Evamaria Freshmaker